Characteristics and Behaviors of Hamsters

Hamsters are small, cute pets many people love. If you have a hamster or are thinking about getting one, it’s good to know how they act and what they need. This will help you take care of them better. Also, some people ask, “Do hamsters hibernate?” We will talk about that too!

What Hamsters Look Like

Hamsters are small animals with soft fur. They have:

Short Tails: Their tails are much shorter than other animals like mice or rats.

Big Cheeks: They can stuff their cheeks with food, which looks funny.

Different Colors: Their fur can be many colors, like brown, white, or grey.

Teeth That Keep Growing: Their front teeth never stop growing, so they need things to chew on.

How Hamsters Act

Hamsters do some things that are normal for them. Understanding this can help you care for them better.

1. Night Owls

Hamsters are most active at night. They like to sleep during the day and play when it’s dark.

2. Collecting Food

Hamsters love to gather food and keep it in their bedding. This is because they like to have a food stash they can eat from later.

3. Love to Dig

In the wild, hamsters live in holes they dig in the ground. At home, they might try to dig in their cage bedding.

4. Keeping Clean

Hamsters clean themselves a lot. They use their paws to brush their fur and keep it neat.

5. Chewing

Hamsters need to chew on things to keep their teeth from getting too long. Giving them safe toys to chew on is a good idea.

Living with Other Hamsters

Some hamsters can live with others, but some like to be alone. For example, Syrian hamsters should live by themselves. Dwarf hamsters might be okay with a friend, but you have to watch to make sure they get along.

Do Hamsters Hibernate?

Hamsters don’t hibernate like bears do. But if they get very cold, they might go into a deep sleep to stay warm. It’s important to keep their home at a good temperature so they don’t get too cold.

Talking Hamster

Hamsters make noises or act in certain ways to show how they feel. They might squeak when they’re happy or scared. If they hiss or show their teeth, they might be mad or scared.

Baby Hamsters

If a hamster has babies, she will take care of them all by herself. Baby hamsters are called pups. They are very tiny when they are born.

Taking Care of Your Hamster

To keep your hamster happy, you should:

Give Them Space: Their cage should be big enough for them to move around and play.

Let Them Exercise: Hamsters need to run and play. An exercise wheel is great for this.

Feed Them Right: They need special hamster food, and you can give them some fruits and vegetables too.

Clean Home: Keep their cage clean so they stay healthy.

In Case of Trouble

If your hamster looks sick or acts differently, you might need to take them to a vet. It’s important to make sure they are healthy.


Hamsters are fun pets in their special ways. They don’t hibernate, but they do need to stay warm. Understanding how they act and what they need will help you take good care of them. Remember, each hamster is unique, and watching how your hamster acts can tell you a lot about what they need.