Custom Candle Molds- Bringing You the WOW Factor

Candles are the most complimentary decorative items. The use of candles dates back to older times when it was a necessity besides oil lamps. However, candle making has now transformed into art using custom candle molds.

Customized candles have made it to the list of the most luxurious and demanded items after the introduction of custom candle molds. These molds are actually responsible for bringing out that WOW factor which otherwise was never observed in ordinary candles.

If you are bored and hunting for a new hobby, this blog post is exclusively for you. Get a handful of custom candle molds and other essentials to start candle making as a hobby, or it can be your new venture which we already declare a hit! Because custom candle molds have that wow factor.

Custom Candle Molds- A Brief Insight

the recent trend of customized candles is over the top. People’s obsession with a variety of candles is understandable because candles were never thought of this way before. The custom candle mods are contemporary and unusual. Who would have imagined tapered candles, corrugated candles, a teddy-shaped candle, and a candle inspired by nude art and Roman sculptures, and the list goes on!

The custom molds are available in a variety of shapes and concepts. They give you the freedom to sculpt a candle, complementing your interior.

How To Use Custom Candle Molds?

To make your candles stand out, you must understand to grab high-quality ingredients to bring out that WOW factor. You will require high-grade wax, preferably soy wax, wicks, lubricant, essential oils, and of course, the custom mold of your choice. A variety of additives are available to magnify the WOW factor by many folds. This includes gold leaf, silver leaf, glitter, dried or crushed leaves, shells, and much more. The innovation with custom candles is unknown to the term “Limit,” so you have enough room to bring out the elements that you are your “WOW Factor.”

Steps for Using Custom Candle Molds

  • Lubricate your mold. You can use oil if you don’t have other lubricants.
  • Set the wick in the mold. It’s better to opt for the wicks with base. They easily settle in the mold.
  • Melt wax either on a double boiler, induction heater, or stove.
  • Add the desired dye and scented oil to the melted wax.
  • Pour the melted wax into the mold and let it settle.
  • Once settled, remove the candles from the mold.

The Custom Candle Mold Material

The material of the mold is another reason behind those fine-looking candles. Silicone is currently the king of molds. Stretchable and super easy to use, it makes a perfect mold that can easily aid the candle’s elimination once it’s settled. Silicone is non-sticky, and the lubrication makes it super convenient to mold the candles.

Unique Shape and Presentation

The best part of customized candles made with custom molds is their unique shape and independent presentation. Unlike jar candles, these are presented as ornamental pieces that are enough to brighten up a space alone without any further adornments.


Customized candles are sensational! Thanks to custom molds for making them possible. Custom candle molds successfully have the missing WOW element. The candles made using custom molds are super fine, and the variety is enough to startle you! Imagine anything; it could be your candle in the next few days.