Easy Peasy: Installing an Emergency Exit Device on Your Dog Boat Ramp

So, you’ve got this dog boat ramp, and you’re thinking, “Hey, let’s add an emergency exit device for those ‘uh-oh’ moments.” Good call!

Reveal the secrets

Here are the secrets on how to make it happen. No fuss, no mess:

Gather your gear

First things first, gather up your stuff.

Your trusty dog boat ramp

The emergency exit device kit

A power drill with the right bits

Screws and anchors

A tape measure

A marker or pencil

Safety goggles (safety first, folks)

Pick your spot

Find the sweet spot on your dog boat ramp where you want this emergency exit thingamajig. Think convenience and easy access. It’s your dog’s quick getaway, after all.

Mount the exit device

Follow the kit’s instructions to slap that emergency exit device onto your chosen spot. It’s usually a matter of drilling a few holes and locking them down with screws. Easy peasy.

Chart the exit route

Now, let’s create a clear escape route for your furry friend. Measure and mark where you want them to make their grand exit using the tape measure and your marker or pencil. Make sure it’s dog-friendly, leading them to safety on your boat or in the water.

Connect the Exit Gizmo

In your kit, you’ll find a clever exit mechanism—the magic button for your dog’s great escape. Attach this cool boy per the kit’s instructions. It’s all about screws and anchors again.

Give it a test spin

Before you put it to the real test, try it out. Extend your ramp to the max, and then give that exit mechanism a gentle nudge. Make sure it works like a charm and lets your dog beat a quick retreat.

Safety Check

Check if everything is tightly secured. No wobbles or loose ends, please. Ensure there are no sharp edges that could turn your dog’s escape into a disaster.

Doggy Orientation

Before hitting the high seas, introduce your dog to their new escape hatch. Let them get comfy with the exit route and mechanism. You want them to feel like a water hero when it’s time to make their move.

Keep an eye out

As you embark on your aquatic adventures, keep an eye on the emergency exit device. Check it for wear and tear, especially if your dog boat ramp sees a lot of action. Stick to the maintenance tips in the manual to keep it in top-notch condition.


And there you have it—installing an emergency exit device on your dog boat ramp is easy as pie. It’s all about safety and convenience for your furry co-captain during your water escapades. Now, go enjoy the waves with peace of mind! ���