Meeting Dogs While Walking Your Cat

Walking your cat can be a fun and enriching experience, but meeting dogs along the way can be a bit tricky.

This post is a simple guide to help you handle such encounters smoothly. Using a harness is a key part of this, so let’s walk through the steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk for your cat.

Step 1: Get the Right Harness

Firstly, pick a comfortable harness for your cat. A harness is better than a collar because it gives you more control and is safer for your cat. Make sure it fits well but is not too tight.

Step 2: Help Your Cat Get Used to the Harness

Before going outside, let your cat wear the harness at home. Start with short periods and then slowly increase the time. This helps your cat feel okay with the harness.

Step 3: Know Your Cat

Some cats are brave, and some are shy. Watch how your cat acts at home and outside. This tells you how they might react to dogs.

Step 4: Practice Commands

Teach your cat simple commands like ‘stay’ or ‘come’. This is very helpful when you meet dogs. Practice these commands inside first, then try them outside in a safe place.

Step 5: Pick a Good Place to Walk

Choose quiet places for walking. Places with fewer dogs are better at the start. This means less surprise dog meetings.

Step 6: Look Out for Dogs

When you’re out, keep an eye out for dogs. If you see one, see how the dog is acting. If the dog looks calm and the owner is in control, it might be okay to meet.

Step 7: Meeting a Dog

If you think it’s safe, let your cat and the dog look at each other from a distance. Only let them get closer if they both seem calm. Always hold onto your cat’s harness.

Step 8: Leave if Needed

If your cat looks scared or the dog gets too excited, it’s time to go. Always keep your cat safe.

Step 9: Calm Your Cat After

After meeting a dog, especially if it didn’t go well, help your cat relax. Give them treats and speak softly to them.

Step 10: Try Again Slowly

With time and practice, your cat might get used to dogs. But take it slow and watch how your cat feels.


Meeting dogs while walking your cat can work out fine with the right steps. A harness helps a lot. Remember, every cat and every meeting with a dog is different. Be patient and careful.

I hope this guide helps you on your walks with your cat. Do you have stories about walking your cat and meeting dogs? What did you do? Let’s share tips in the comments below!