Quieting Down Your Artisan Keycaps: Tips for Less Typing Noise

You’ve got those cool artisan keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, but there’s one snag: they can be a bit noisy when you’re typing away.


No worries; we’ve got some tricks to help you keep the beat down.

Switch It Up

Let’s start with the basics: the switches you use make a big difference in noise. Some switches, like Cherry MX Blue or Green, are known for their clicky noise. If that’s not your style, opt for quieter switches like Cherry MX Brown or Red. That alone can mellow things out.

Get Some O-Rings

Ever heard of O-rings? They’re like little rubber cushions you put under your keycaps. They absorb the shock when you press a key, making the sound less punchy. They’re budget-friendly and won’t mess with your style.

Dampen the sound

Put something soft under your keyboard, like a dampening mat or material. They soak up and spread out the noise vibes, so your typing doesn’t sound like a drum solo. Look for keyboard-specific mats or DIY with foam or rubber.

Lubricate the stabilizers

The big keys, like the spacebar, can be noisy too. Lubricate the stabilizers (the parts that make those keys stable) with some lube. Less friction equals less noise, and it’ll feel smoother too.

Soft landing pads

These are like little pillows for your keycaps. Stick ’em under the keys to soften the landing when you press. They’re clutch for quieting down larger keys like the spacebar.

Lighten up your typing

This one’s on you. Typing lightly and not smashing the keys can make a world of difference. Try using less force and lifting your fingers sooner. It’s all about finesse.

Go for sound mods

If you’re dead set on making your keyboard super quiet, look into sound mods. There are dampening rings and silencing clips that fit right on your switches. They’ll hush up both the press and the release.

Keycap Material Matters

Last but not least, think about your keycap material. Some materials, like PBT plastic, are denser and quieter than others, like ABS plastic. Experiment with different keycap materials to find the sweet spot between style and silence.


To sum it up, dialing down the noise on your artisan keycaps is all about choice—from switches to dampeners to your typing technique. Tailor your keyboard to be as quiet as you like while still looking slick with those artisan keycaps. Enjoy the best of both worlds!