Top 3 Uwell Disposable E-cigarettes

Uwell is bringing drastic positive changes in the vaping industry. They have perfected uwell pods and tanks and are passionate about making disposable e-cigarettes known to all vapers around the globe. Uwell Gabriel vape series has come to spice up the disposable e-cigarette market. This article will focus on the top 3 of Gabriel disposable e-cigarettes: the Gabriel Equal, Gabriel Respect, and Gabriel Freedom.

Unfolding Gabriel Disposable E-cigarettes Series

The Gabriel vapes have a colorful and attractive appearance at first glance. All vapes in the series come with transparent packaging that gives an excellent first impression. Uwell has ensured that the Gabriel disposable e-cigarettes have the same packaging style. They all include two silicone material protectors and one plastic stick protector that prevents leakage of the e-liquid. The vapes also come with a full charge. Once a vaper receives the device, all they need to do is remove the protectors, and they can enjoy their vaping session immediately.

1. Gabriel Equal

The body of Gabriel Equal vape is from quality PC+ABS and PA materials with a plastic, glossy finish. The device’s mouthpiece also has a smooth, thin plastic finish to ensure the vaper’s comfort. The print color of the entire structure corresponds with the flavor color—Gabriel Equal measure 10.3*20.2*10.6 mm in length, width, and height, respectively. The device can hold an e-liquid capacity of 1.5 ml and is ideal for up to 8 flavors, giving the vaper a taste of varying flavors.

The e-cigarette comes with a battery of 280 Amperes that delivers sufficient power to get the needed vapor production. It has an LED indicator that displays during the vaping process. Its lightweight and slender characteristic allow it to fit in small pockets without bothering the user.

2. Gabriel Respect

Materials useful in the manufacture of Gabriel Respect e-cigarettes are PC and PCTG. The device has a finish that incorporates silkscreen painting and rubber hand-feeling paint. The two aspects integrate, producing a thin cylindrical structure of the Gabriel Respect that gives the vaper a comfortable grip. The device’s capacity is 7 ml of e-liquids and is ideal for up to 8 flavors. Gabriel Respect functions with a 500 Amperes rechargeable battery.

Unlike Equal, Respect includes a type-C USB charging port. That allows quick charging of the battery. The vape’s body is translucent, allowing the user to glance at the inside.

3. Gabriel Freedom

Gabriel freedom and Gabriel Respect disposable e-cigarettes have almost the same features. However, Gabriel Freedom is like a bigger version of Respect. Freedom operates with a 500 Amperes battery with a type-c USB charging port, just like Respect. However, there are slight differences in body appearance. Gabriel Freedom’s body is opaque. Thus, the user cannot see through it. The material for making this device is SUS303 Stainless Steel and PCTG. The capacity of Gabriel Freedom is 12 ml of e-liquid.


People love Gabriel disposable e-cigarettes due to their unique features that deliver almost the same function as a regular pod or mod vape devices. Their design is eye-catching, making it easy for customers to recognize them easily. A vaper can have the vaping experience they always desire since Gabriel vapes are suitable for up to 8 flavors. These disposable vapes are a worthy investment for those who are fun of vaping.